The Life of Eddie and Me
-Aneres Nehc


Eddie died on a warm April afternoon last year.

I was there.

I saw his perseverance; his calm smile.

Hiding the pain within.

I saw everything.

The torture.

I'm sorry I couldn't save you.

Eddie, I'm sorry.

I tried.

I tried.

But it was too late.

I hope you are in a better place now.

Liama thinks of you often.

So does MCTTA.

You were a great cheery tomato.

The best I've ever met. Ever.

I remember. How could I forget?

I remember. Well and clear.

This is our time of reminiscence.

This is our story...


One bright morning at the Sirrah residence, the mother of Haras Sirrah hummed a joyful tune as she packed her daughters' lunches. There was one thing though - unseen by the mother were poor, helpless, screaming cherry tomatoes. There was one level-headed one though.

Eddie sat by his young sister and comforted her. "Don't worry." He kept on repeating. "Don't worry." In his mind though, he could hear his heart pumping in confusing and fear.

He looked around. There were only a few cherry tomatoes from his own vine in the box. His neighbour, Jim, his sister Carol, and himself. A warm aura radiated beside him.

He turned to see his newlywed wife, Liama, sitting beside him; composed with a blank expression. He could too tell that she was only putting on this mask for her family and friends in the other corner.

They engaged in a silence conversation and embraced while fearing and wondering what was of their fate...