Welcome to the completely new, *zinged-up* MCTTA!!! Everything will be reactivating (including out poor lonely message boards who have just been sitting around gathering dust :( aw. ) so HURRAY!!

Soo.. how do ya like the new layout? I've completely changed it, cause the last one took AGES to load (with all the .bmps.. damn things.) so now, loading should be a breeze, even for teh dailupers out there! :D

I've gone abit wacko on this layout - as you can see, the navigation is where the banner should be!! Those two switched places ;P

I've also added at least a dozen, maybe 15 more pages then the old mctta website. That'll keep you busy!

There's also a lot more things to do and see around here, including articles, games, and contests. There's cool quzzies for you to do as well! w00t! Aren't you lucky I got sidetracked with homework in the holidays and decided to do a new layout! XDD

What else is different? Why, the URL of our site of course!! The new MCTTA, as you may already have noticed, is in a completely different place on the web! Freehostia provided banner-less hosting, so yeah :)

Oh yeah and GUESS WHAT.

WE HAVE OUR VERY OWN 404-ERROR PAGE!!! :D:D:D *bounces with joy*

Weeelll... make sure you explore everything here and have phun!

-Your Mcttarian Leaders; Aneres, Haras and Yecats.