So, you have decided that you don¡¯t want to die. You¡¯ve decided you want to live among us, and surrender your planet to us. Joining us is easy. Just contact our temporary leader: Aneres Nehc, by using your noggin, and using your so-called ¡®modern technology. Email her at: or go to the MCTTA Message Board and apply there.

Once your request is processed, Aneres Nehc will send you the MCTTA code, which you will sigh and send back. Also input "MCTTA Membership Request" in the subject line, state your title (name), the number of years that you have wasted (age), place of existence (country), connection (Email address), and a reason why you are worthy of our acknowledgement. Once we have processed this data, you shall receive a newsletter every month(-ish), and our code of conduct (a.k.a. do what you¡¯re told, or we¡¯ll moon you!) 

Now get connecting!


List of Members
(a.k.a. ones who have seen the light... no matter how green it may be)

[ Note: The list below is most likely not complete. I'm too lazy to track everyone down. ]

Bob Marley
Ryan Maloney
Campbell Gray
Anthony van der Hulst
Sk8er Boy 801
Mike Maloney