Why is Spain's tomato-mortality rate so high?

Ever since the dawn of MCTTA, we have been very aware of this extremely frightening and obvious fact. While researching the Earth and it's inhabitants, we learned that the country of Spain had the highest tomato-mortality rate - in fact, it was a few thousand lives higher than any other!

We were alarmed and very much disturbed by this fact. How could one single country kill off so many innocent tomatoes?

We decided to investigate futher.

Our search led us to the site - http://www.spain-info.com/Culture/tomatofight.htm

The picture(s) of thousands of innocent, little, red tomatoes getting killed had caused a great wave of sadness in the room, but we needed the information.

A quote from the site: "every year around 30,00 people descend on the Spanish town of Bunol (in the Valencia region of Spain) to throw more than 240,000 pounds of tomatoes at each other."

Immediately after seeing this, we set out to track down the people who were involved and also have sent Spain a paper areoplane requesting the massacre to be stopped.

We are still awaiting their reply.