Interview with Eddie¡¯s wife, Liama
5.24pm 27/05/05 Front vine of the Sirrah House.
Interviewed by our very own Haras Sirrah.


Eddie, our brave cherry tomato married the lovely Liama on 26/04/05. Devastatingly Eddie died soon after. Liama, still in a state of shock a grief, talks to us a month after Eddie's terrible death¡­


Liama, how did you meet Eddie in that tomato container so long ago?
Well, everyone was panicking and Eddie took a gentle control, calmed everyone down, and told them of the situation. Everyone was comforting each other I and slid over to Eddie and we started talking.
He told me of his life on the back vine with his Mother, Father, and sister. I really felt for him because he had led such a tragic life with his mother being attacked by caterpillars.
I told him of my fancy life on the front vine with my posh dancing chums and at night, how we all used to sit on the warmer part of the vine and tell stories of long ago¡­
Aah. I am getting carried away. Anyway, by midnight, we were in love and by morning, that lovely priest who I believe was freed because he was dropped as the child got their lunchbox out of their bag married us.

How did you find out that Eddie had died?
A MCTTA Member by the name of Haras Sirrah came to me and said, ¡°There is some thing you need to know.¡± Fear clenched my heart and before she even told me, I knew¡­ My poor darling Eddie!

Will you ever marry again?
I will never get over the death of poor Eddie!
Well¡­a new guy moved in on the second vine¡­.
Argh! Evil thoughts!
I will never get over Eddie!
Oh, I well I have to move on¡­
But it is so hard!

Have you ever married before Eddie?
Not married!
But ¡­ there was someone¡­a long time ago...
But that is history! Gone!
Do not ask me about it!

What is in store for the future?
Well¡­I would like to set up a house where when tomato seasons rolls round young tomatoes can stay where they are safe¡­

Thank you, Liama for that touching interview¡­