The Demise of the World
-Written by Yecats Notgnillew


Breaking news, we have a leader! Sorry to all those people who wanted this amazing position but put your disappointment aside and celebrate with us this historic event. Details are vague but we do know that the leader that we will worship for the rest of our lives is a marshmallow! Yes that's right the marshmallows have joined our cause so that we may invade earth with in ten years! The new leader, Massy Magnus is the greatest and most tomato loving marshmallow that there is and we are privileged to have it on the side of the amazing tomatoes. So prepare your selves as we save the tomatoes and gain another planet. You great people have helped us achieve this by giving us strength and those delightful big macs. You have all joined for one reason, to worship a leader and to save the tomatoes and these are all coming true! I can just feel the tears of happiness welling in your eyes.

Be proud as together we rule!!!!!!