We are the creatures of planet Mars. The most noble of alien civilizations. (Not that we're tooting our own horn or anything.) You too, can live among our kind, generous, giving community. (Only $9.95) Our hearts are always open to new follow- *ahem* I mean members.

Mars is a very under rated planet and we wish to raise awareness on the number of tomatoes that the humans of planet Earth are brutally murdering everyday, especially in Spain.

Charles Henry the 2nd was our leader until he betrayed us and killed my father/mother (we are not sure whether it was a he or a she.) We are now in search of a new leader to head our association of tomato protection protestors. This may be you. YOU, may be the future leader of our organization.

We have already declared war on your planet. If you wish to live, J O I N  U S . . .


Well, the above was our original fact file - ain't it just teh c00lest? :P

Here's some more info about MCTTA, who we are and what we do

...in English this time. :)


Who are we: We are an organisation originating from the neighbouring planet Mars dedicated to raising awareness and putting halt to the death of innocent tomatoes on planet Earth.
What else we do: We also plan to take over planet Earth with the help of our members.
What the heck is up with our name: It is an acronym. The letters of the word MCTTA stand for Mars Cruelty to Tomatoes Association.
When did this start: Late March to Early April 2005.
How come I've never heard of MCTTA: Maybe you're deaf.
Are we dangerous: No. Our lazyguns got confiscated last year as we were having too much fun with them.
Are we serious: Completely.
Are we insane: Maybe.